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We require you to submit a quote request with information about your property. This information will be used to confirm your home’s location, size, flooring types and other details. You will then receive an accurate quote via email along with all available house cleaning service options. Once you decide on the Green Home Cleaning treatment you prefer, simply respond to the email to book your initial appointment with a Natural Zen Cleaning. Once confirmed you will receive another email with your formal estimate, informing you how many team members will service your home and the allotted time estimated to complete your Eco Friendly House Cleaning.
Our Green Home Cleaning treatments range from our least detailed; Simplicity treatment which focuses on the high traffic areas of your bathrooms, kitchen and flooring; to our the most detailed service, Harmony treatment which includes a thorough cleaning of all accessible surfaces top to bottom. Including, ceilings, walls, floors, counter tops, baseboards, mirrors, furniture, windows, interior and exterior of appliances. Our fully trained cleaners will move objects on counter tops and shelves in order to clean underneath them. Our Purity home cleaning treatment and Harmony home cleaning treatment include bed turn-down service. All our Green Home Cleaning treatments include kitchen, bathroom and floor sanitation. With every visit we provide our signature organic essential oil aromatherapy diffusion along with complementary organic chocolates and organic herbal tea treats.
Our experience has proven our timing calculation is very precise within +/- 5 minutes on average. The amount of time in which we can complete a Green Home Cleaning treatment for even the smallest apartments can vary depending on the condition it is in. Our cleanings are thorough, all our teams are trained to work diligently and make the best use of their time to clean, scrub, and dust all the corners of your rooms. Our time calculation system accounts mainly for the size, flooring types, and presence of pet fur, however it can not account for heavily soiled conditions and or cluttered spaces. For first-time “initial” appointments we allot additional time to complete because our cleaning consultants are not familiar with the layout and condition of your space.
We believe your home is your sanctuary and think of our service as a Spa style “treatment” for your home. Our Harmony Home Cleaning Treatment service includes everything provided in our Purity Cleaning Treatment and more. This service is the most extensively detailed cleaning we offer, therefore it requires more time and attention from our teams. We clean all kitchen appliances inside and out, including your refrigerator and oven. We scrub clean your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. We perform a full dusting of all accessible surfaces including ceilings, walls, blinds, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, vent grills, ceiling moldings, all furniture, decor, electronics, inside glass of windows as well as your home’s front and rear entry way. Bed turn-down along with a gracious treat of organic chocolate and organic tea. For Move-Out or Move-In cleanings we also clean the inside of all cabinetry, drawers, closets, and built-in shelving units. You may view an itemized list of everything included with each Green Home Cleaning Treatment in the Services page of the Natural Zen Cleaning website.
I’m thinking of starting with the Harmony Treatment, my house is small and one of the bedrooms is a storage room at the moment, so the actual space to be cleaned is smaller. However, the rest of the house needs plenty of work – dirty baseboards, spattered walls and appliances in the kitchen, lots of dust, etc.
Starting out with the Harmony Home Cleaning Treatment is the best way to get your home to its best possible condition. It is by far the most detailed service available, you will love the results! We can easily customize your Eco Friendly House Cleaning service and exclude certain areas, please provide the measurements for the areas you wish to exclude and we will adjust your rate accordingly. We have a proprietary system which precisely calculates the allotted time for your Green Home Cleaning based on the size, floor coverings, presence of pets however it can not account for the condition of your home. Our teams are trained to make an assessment and gauge if the allotted time is sufficient to complete your home cleaning service. If the team believes they will require additional time we will inform you within the first hour so you may decide to ether allow them to continue until they finish every detail or prioritize the areas you wish for them to focus on. You may then schedule a follow up cleaning to tackle the areas not serviced during the initial green house cleaning.
We offer the following recurring schedule options: Weekly (once per week) Bi-monthly (every other week) Monthly (every 4 weeks) We are unable to schedule every three weeks as it will cause conflict with other clients. Our teams consistently perform quality thorough service and so long as you tidy up in between service visits you should be fine with a monthly recurring schedule repeating every 4 weeks.
I have two dogs, and would plan to board them for the day of my initial cleaning. However, if I decided to do a biweekly cleaning treatment, would your staff be comfortable dealing with the dogs? We are a pet friendly company, all of our team members are trained and accustomed to having a variety of pets around during service appointments. So long as your pets are not aggressive or overly friendly and playful, we are happy having their company while our teams are hard at work. Please do tell us your pets names so we may note your account and your team can refer to them by name so they feel at ease. Make sure to inform us of any specifics we should be aware of.
I’m a little concerned about the aromatherapy. I’m really sensitive to some smells and there are a lot of perfumes, lotions, and air fresheners that give me terrible headaches. I realize essential oils don’t have the same chemical components as those, but would like to be able to make sure they don’t bother me before my whole house smells like them (or perhaps skip that part?). I use a lot of fragrance-free products, and that seems to have made me even more sensitive sometimes. All of our cleaning products are Non-toxic, free of carcinogens and are fragrance free. We employ a blend of plant based, biodegradable eco-friendly cleaning products which are safe to use around children, pets and people with sensitivity and allergies to conventional cleaners. Our signature organic essential oil aromatherapy service is included with every Green Home Cleaning appointment. You may inform our office and your team leader if you wish to opt out from receiving the aromatherapy service. Bare in mind we have a delicate blend of organic essential oils, for each Green Home Cleaning Treatment level. Each with their own aroma and therapeutic health benefits. (We never combine synthetics or perfumes in our blends)
Though not every cleaning team member speaks fluent English, you can rest assured you can communicate in English with your team leader as well as every one of our client relation specialist at our office. Should you ever experience difficulty please do not hesitate to contact our office, we are here to help you.
Natural Zen Cleaning team members are specially selected based on their ability to pass our rigorous product and service training. They understand that they are part of a quality-oriented company that promises to provide an elite level of service on every visit. We also have unique quality control measures in place to help ensure consistency in our standard of service. We run a background check on every candidate, if hired each team member undergoes 3 weeks training, followed by a 90 day probation period so we may get to know and trust each individual we send to your home or business.
We hire employees after a lengthy interview and orientation process. Each new team member must complete 3 weeks of product and service training with our Quality Control and Field Manager. We employ a strict process to evaluate, teach and reward our team members based on their performance. The owner of Natural Zen Cleaning personally ensures that all cleaning consultants are diligent, courteous, and trustworthy. Every cleaning team member hired has to undergo our training regardless of their cleaning experience prior to employment with our company.
Most of our clients are not home during their Green Home Cleaning appointments. Some clients let us in before they leave for work. Some clients leave keys with their front desk concierge or provide us a key to keep at our office. Every key we keep at our office is tagged and coded with an alphanumeric code which does not identify you or your property. We can proudly say we have never misplaced any of our clients keys. Some clients do feel more comfortable being home for their Green Home Cleanings. Whatever your preference, we are happy to make your Natural Zen Home Cleaning experience pleasant and convenient.
Our teams work very hard to provide you honest quality service and our business is very labor intensive, therefore Payments are due at the time service is completed. You have several payment options: cash, check, credit card, PayPal, ApplePay and Venmo. We require all clients to keep a valid credit card on file in our office, and process every unpaid invoice by the end of business each day. If we are unable to collect payment upon request, you are liable to a $10 late payment fee as outlined in our policies.
While tipping is not required, it is customary for excellent service and greatly appreciated. Some clients leave cash or a check for their cleaning team members; others prefer to have our office staff add a gratuity to their credit card payment. You may also include it with your check payment or send it via PayPal or Venmo. The amount for tipping is discretionary.

At Natural Zen Cleaning, we treat your home with the utmost respect and care. Our teams are trained to report any incident no matter how insignificant it may seem, so we may keep you informed.  However, in the event that our team oversees an object was accidentally damaged, please notify our office within 24 hours of your appointment, and we will take action to provide compensation. We understand that our clients have items with sentimental value which may not be replaceable, which is why we take extra care in your home to be respectful of all your belongings. We are bonded and fully insured up to $1,000,000.00 liability.

This is the content: Our members only rewards program is available for all clients who enroll in the weekly, bi-monthly or monthly recurring schedule. By simply keeping your appointments without lapse you will benefit from instant savings off every service visit.  You will also automatically receive our seasonal discount offers and will have guaranteed scheduling priority.

We understand there are times you may need to change or cancel an appointment, while we are sensitive to last-minute schedule changes, we require at least 48-hours notice for all cancellations. Due to the high demand for our services, we charge 50% of the full amount of the appointment if you cancel with less than 48-hours notice. If a Natural Zen Home Cleaning team arrives at a scheduled house cleaning appointment and is unable to gain access to your home, we will charge 50% of the full amount for the appointment. Our business is labor intensive, we employ honest, hard working people and compensate our cleaning crews well from the moment they enter our company vehicles to the moment they return to our office.  We do not provide refunds.

We welcome all feedback from all of our clients, as we are always looking for ways to improve our services. If you are ever unhappy with our services please tell us immediately and we will make it right.
Please email or call our office to share your experience with one of our client relations representatives.
Our service guarantee states we will send someone back within 24 hours of service to re-clean any areas of concerns free of charge. We feel confident you will be happy with our services, please share the good news and help us by spreading the word about our wonderful service.

Please do tell us how we are doing and let everyone know how happy you are with us as well.  We appreciate you taking the time to post your feedback on any social media outlet and online directory websites; Google, Yelp, Facebook, Better Business Bureau, YellowPages or Angie’sList.

We are happy to perform laundry services for you as long as the laundry facilities are located inside your home or building. Please be aware that laundry services will add additional time to your Green Home Cleaning appointment, there fore there will be an additional $35 fee.  You will see laundry service itemized in your invoice.

We ask that clients provide their own detergent and money for the machines if needed. Please be sure to inform your cleaning teams of any special garment-care instructions. We suggest you make sure to separate delicate and dry-clean only garments so your team does not accidentally run them through the washing machine.  In an effort to stay true to our Eco-friendly business model, we remind you to use Eco-friendly detergents, and please be advised we never use bleach.

Natural Zen Cleaning teams arrive equipped with all Eco-friendly cleaning products, supplies, sponges, and microfiber cloths to every Green Home Cleaning appointment. However, for sanitary reasons, we ask that clients provide some basic cleaning tools of their own.

Clients should have a toilet bowl brush, a broom and dustpan, and garbage bags. We do not provide Vacuum cleaners, these are suggested for all carpeted floor coverings, heavy duty dusting and homes with pets. Keep in mind that the better quality these tools are, the more efficient our cleaning teams can be. If you need to purchase a vacuum cleaner we recommend the Shark LiftAway Rotator; it is a powerful and durable machine =, it is easy to use and of great value.  We do have some of items available for purchase from our office, so please advise if you would like us to deliver any cleaning tools to you.

We always strive to keep your Natural Zen Home Cleaning experience consistent. Though we cannot guarantee that you will always have the same cleaning team, we can commit to giving you an outstanding Home Cleaning experience with any cleaning team that we schedule to service your home.

Natural Zen Cleaning uses Non-toxic, Biodegradable and/or natural cleaning solutions. We employ a calculated blend including:

All Purpose Cleaner:
Mrs. Meyer’s Unscented, Ha-Ra, Distilled White Vinegar, Water

Glass Cleaner:
Distilled White Vinegar, Water

Wood Floors and Furniture Cleaner:
Bona, Distilled White Vinegar, Water

Natural Stone Floors and Counters:
Ha-Ra, Distilled White Vinegar, Water
* For tough grime and to scour away stuck on dirt we
add a touch of Bon-Ami powder. We also use Baking Soda as needed mainly for the interior of the ovens and refrigerator.

Natural Zen Cleaning products will soon be available for purchase at our Natural Zen Cleaning online shop.

Our office staff makes every effort to accommodate all our clients’ busy schedules. Availability for appointments varies depending on location, the time of year and the amount of advance notice we have to work your home into our calendar. We typically fit new clients with as little as one weeks notice, at times even less. We do tend to get the most appointment requests for Thursdays and Fridays. Just before Thanksgiving and the Holidays we experience increased demand. The spring and fall are the most popular times for the Harmony Home Cleaning treatment which require more time making it a bit more challenging to fit everyone in. Please be sure to request your eco-friendly home cleaning service with as much advance notice as possible to ensure availability.

We offer a Based on Budget option option which we can tailor to your needs. Simply contact our office let us know what your priority areas are along with your budget needs, and we will propose a service plan to fit within your parameters.

We do work with many investors, realtors, landlords, and airbnb hosts who have more than one property. Often times managing many units per client. Depending on the frequency, house cleaning treatment level and size of each home we may be able to negotiate a special discount. We offer our Simplicity house cleaning treatment at a 10% discount for landlords, who wish to maintain their home while their homes are occupied by tenants. The Simplicity treatment only cleans the bathrooms, kitchen and flooring throughout which tend to be the areas mostly neglected and affected by tenants. Often the cost of the cleaning is included with the rental agreement, saving both the tenant and the landlord the headache of costly cleanup and or repairs due to neglect once they vacate the unit. Please contact our office and ask to speak to Leonardo Vela, the owner, to discuss your details.
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