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Natural Zen Cleaning for Cozy Spaces

Our exceptional house cleaning services extend beyond houses! We believe that every living space deserves a thorough cleaning that leaves a visible and tangible difference.

Natural Zen Cleaning is delighted to offer our tailored services for apartment dwellers, condominium residents, and those living in other compact spaces.

Our meticulous apartment cleaning encompasses every corner of your living space, including:

A Thorough Clean for Compact Retreats

Despite the modest size of an apartment, a comprehensive clean isn’t necessarily straightforward. Dirt, germs, and grime can find their way into hidden nooks and crannies. Our experienced apartment cleaning professionals are well-versed in spotting these hidden areas and employ effective processes and techniques to ensure that every inch of your apartment or condo shines and sparkles.


Easy payments via paypal or via credit card payment processing service.


We us pet friendly cleaners as your pet is a valued member of your family.


Your time is important to us. We provide always on time cleaning service.


We require you to submit a quote request with information about your property. This information will be used to confirm your home’s location, size, flooring types and other details. You will then receive an accurate quote via email along with all available house cleaning service options. Once you decide on the Green Home Cleaning treatment you prefer, simply respond to the email to book your initial appointment with a Natural Zen Cleaning. Once confirmed you will receive another email with your formal estimate, informing you how many team members will service your home and the allotted time estimated to complete your Eco Friendly House Cleaning.

Our Green Home Cleaning treatments range from our least detailed; Simplicity treatment which focuses on the high traffic areas of your bathrooms, kitchen and flooring; to our the most detailed service, Harmony treatment which includes a thorough cleaning of all accessible surfaces top to bottom. Including, ceilings, walls, floors, counter tops, baseboards, mirrors, furniture, windows, interior and exterior of appliances. Our fully trained cleaners will move objects on counter tops and shelves in order to clean underneath them. Our Purity home cleaning treatment and Harmony home cleaning treatment include bed turn-down service. All our Green Home Cleaning treatments include kitchen, bathroom and floor sanitation. With every visit we provide our signature organic essential oil aromatherapy diffusion along with complementary organic chocolates and organic herbal tea treats.

Our experience has proven our timing calculation is very precise within +/- 5 minutes on average. The amount of time in which we can complete a Green Home Cleaning treatment for even the smallest apartments can vary depending on the condition it is in. Our cleanings are thorough, all our teams are trained to work diligently and make the best use of their time to clean, scrub, and dust all the corners of your rooms. Our time calculation system accounts mainly for the size, flooring types, and presence of pet fur, however it can not account for heavily soiled conditions and or cluttered spaces. For first-time “initial” appointments we allot additional time to complete because our cleaning consultants are not familiar with the layout and condition of your space.

You don’t need to be home during your cleaning; our teams can handle it in your absence. Just inform our office of any special requests, and if you are comfortable, provide door lock keypad code, alarm code, or key location instructions.

Most clients are not present during our service. Our background-checked, vetted, and fully trained teams consist of trustworthy, hardworking individuals. If you prefer, our friendly staff is happy to meet you during the initial visit or at each service appointment.

Our solid reputation for top-notch service and safety is self-evident. Safety is paramount, and our dedicated team, consisting of honest and hardworking individuals, undergoes rigorous background checks, a comprehensive two-month training, and a closely monitored 90-day probation period before working independently. Rest assured, our team is trained to securely lock up your home after completion, and for added peace of mind, we are fully insured and bonded.

Kindly notify security and management about our scheduled arrival. Typically, they may request our team’s identification and either escort them to your unit or provide access via a key fob. Our team members are easily recognizable in tastefully designed uniforms and labeled cleaning supplies.

Our Green Home Cleaning services include our signature essential oil aromatherapy service. If you prefer not to receive this service, please notify our office and your team leader. Note that our organic essential oils are thoughtfully blended for each Green Home Cleaning Treatment level, offering unique aromas and therapeutic health benefits, and we never mix synthetics or perfumes in our blends.


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