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Deep Cleaning

When you entrust our team with deep cleaning, you can anticipate meticulous attention to detail that will utterly transform your home. Our Harmony cleaning treatment is our most detailed service.  Deep cleaning is a thorough process, not a hasty one, and our experts will painstakingly seek out hidden dirt, dust, cobwebs, and clutter. Any special requests you have will be gladly accommodated to ensure your home looks and feels precisely as you desire.

Whether you seek a one-time deep cleaning or a regular recurring service, Natural Zen Cleaning is at your service.

Our professional cleaning team will:

These are just a few of the detailed cleaning procedures we offer, and we have comprehensive cleaning processes for every room in your home.

Enhanced Disinfection:

Our Purity and Harmony cleanings Promote a Clean and Healthy Environment

At Natural Zen Cleaning, our top priority is to establish a clean and healthy living space for our customers. You shouldn’t have to be concerned about the germs in your home. With over 16 years of experience in the industry, disinfection is second nature to us. Our skilled cleaning professionals employ advanced techniques to ensure no nook or cranny remains untouched.

When you book the Purity cleaning treatment we routinely address the high-touch surfaces of your home during every cleaning. This provides you with the gift of time and peace of mind, freeing you from concerns about emerging pathogens on your home’s surfaces. Our established safety protocols are rooted in the collective cleaning expertise of all our team members, delivering a cleaning service underpinned by decades of experience.

Certain circumstances demand a heightened focus on disinfection. Whether you’re preparing your home for guests, dealing with flu season, or navigating a global pandemic, we employ enhanced disinfection practices on high-touch, hard surfaces within your home. This proactive approach safeguards your family’s well-being by eradicating emerging pathogens congregating on surfaces. Our aim is to target these pathogens on the surfaces your family interacts with daily.

Enhanced disinfection is part of our Purity and Harmony cleaning treatments, and incorporates premium environmentally friendly solutions. These routines closely mirror those used for specialized disinfection services. A comprehensive disinfection treatment focuses on high-touch surfaces, ensuring your family’s peace of mind. When you partner with Natural Zen Cleaning, this is precisely what you receive.

Examples of high-touch surfaces encompass:

Please note that disinfection cleaning is most effective on hard surfaces.

Why Worry About Disinfection?

Studies have already demonstrated that disinfecting high-touch surfaces can prevent infections. That’s why, at Natural Zen Cleaning, our expert cleaners disinfect your high-touch surfaces.

Natural Zen Cleaning excels in creating clean and healthy homes, as well as workplaces, offices, clinics, and stores.


Experience the natural-based cleaning that are safe, effective, and eco-friendly.


Relax and enjoy our aromatherapy that can enhance your mood and well-being.


Trust our professional and reliable teams to clean your home thoroughly and efficiently.


Deep cleanings are often scheduled quarterly by homeowners to address dust, grime, and dirt buildup that DIY cleaning may miss. Signs for scheduling include persistent bad odors, rapid dust accumulation, dull surfaces, scale and grime buildup, and worsening allergies.

Our teams come equipped with nearly everything needed for the tasks. You only need to provide a good working full-size, corded vacuum cleaner. If you don’t have one, we can provide it—please inquire for more details.

Our rates are determined by factors like square footage, flooring types, and indoor pets. However, they are based on a sight-unseen estimate and may not reflect specific conditions in your home. If the allocated time for your selected cleaning level isn’t sufficient due to the soiled conditions, clutter and or layout of the space, and additional time is needed, we’ll inform you in advance, and upon approval, prorate the time and adjust your invoice down to the minute.

The number of team members sent to clean your home varies based on workload and project size. We aim to customize the cleaning to meet your needs and will communicate the number of people in advance, respecting the privacy of your home and the trust you place in us.

For deep cleanings, a specific arrival time can’t be guaranteed due to the extensive time required. Requests for arrival times can be noted, and we’ll inform you of the planned time, requesting a one-hour window for flexibility in case of any delays.

Prices depend on home size and condition. We ensure transparent pricing by providing a full quote before cleaning starts to avoid surprises. Our rates are determined by factors like square footage, flooring types, and indoor pets. However, they are based on a sight-unseen estimate and may not reflect specific conditions in your home.


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