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Move In & Move Out Cleaning


Whether you’re bidding farewell to your long-term residence or stepping into the home of your dreams, Natural Zen Cleaning is at your service to ensure a stress-free and impeccably clean transition. Our Move In & Move Out Cleaning Services provide peace of mind, allowing you to concentrate on settling into your new abode.

Our Move In & Move Out Cleaning Services not only deliver the exceptional clean you’ve come to expect from Natural Zen Cleaning but also provide a special focus on areas prone to dust and grime buildup, including baseboards, doors, trim, cabinet surfaces, showers, tubs, and the interiors of closets, cabinets, ovens, and refrigerators. Beyond being family-safe, our non-toxic, eco-friendly products guarantee a thorough cleaning that leaves your home feeling naturally fresh in both look and scent.

Home Cleaning Service That Leaves No Trace

Moving can be a stressful endeavor without the added burden of post-move cleaning. Natural Zen
Cleaning is here to relieve you of this stress. The last thing you need to worry about during a move is
cleaning your home or apartment to prepare it for the next occupants. We offer comprehensive move-in and move-out services, allowing you to concentrate on what truly matters – your new home.

Our team of trained local cleaning professionals leaves no stone unturned in your home or apartment.
Employing advanced techniques and processes, we ensure your space appears even better than when
you first moved in.

Convenient Services for Tenants and Landlords

Whether you’re a renter aiming to secure your security deposit or a landlord looking to swiftly prepare a vacant unit for a new tenant, Natural Zen Cleaning is at your service. We go beyond the basics of
vacuuming and dusting, reaching into every nook and cranny to eliminate all traces of dust, dirt, and
grime. We’ll deep-clean the interiors of stoves and eliminate any lingering odors from the fridge. Focus
on the myriad other tasks that moving entails and leave the dirty work to our capable team.

17+ Years of Cleaning Expertise

At Natural Zen Cleaning, we are more than just a cleaning company. With over 10 decades of collective
experience, we aim to simplify your life, return precious time to your day, and deliver a level of
cleanliness that is both visible and palpable. To ensure our thoroughness and meticulous attention to
detail, we follow a comprehensive move-in and move-out cleaning checklist, as well as a cleaning
supplies checklist. When you enlist our team for residential cleaning services, you can have confidence
that you’re in the most capable hands.

Our trained and professional cleaning team offers:

Allow us to lighten your load when it comes to your move-in or move-out to-do list.


Easy payments via paypal or via credit card payment processing service.


We us pet friendly cleaners as your pet is a valued member of your family.


Your time is important to us. We provide always on time cleaning service.


Ensure all personal items are removed, and electricity and water are operational. Move Out Cleanings are only possible in completely vacant units, still in the resident’s possession.

Don’t leave move-out cleaning to chance, especially with a security deposit at stake! Rest assured, our teams will diligently complete all tasks associated with your chosen cleaning treatment level. We recommend scheduling a Harmony Move-out cleaning to ensure a thorough wipe-down of every accessible surface, leaving no trace of your tenancy.

Ensure the home is completely empty of furnishings, personal belongings, trash, and cardboard boxes, as our teams will perform a detailed cleaning but won’t handle furniture, large piles of trash, or personal belongings. We won’t remove anything that can’t fit in a small, hand-carried trash bag. Our cleaning techs may dispose of hand-carried items left behind, but Natural Zen Cleaning is not liable, as the unit must be entirely vacant for our move-out cleanings.

Our service does not cover outstanding maintenance work, such as carpet cleaning, repairs, painting, appliance damage, electrical work, mold & mildew remediation, and other tasks typically handled by specialized experts not booked through a housekeeper.

We’ll coordinate to ensure your new space is ready for unpacking, while simultaneously cleaning the home or apartment you’re moving from.

Property management companies and landlords love our moving cleaning services. Our attention to detail, efficient service, and use of environmentally responsible cleaning products make us a choice for long-term partnerships. For convenient move-in and move-out services, trust our trained and insured team members to ensure an easy transition for your tenants.

Our cleaning teams serve clients within a 25-mile radius of our centrally located warehouse near RDU International Airport on Page Rd.


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